Brian Behm

Design Philosophy

With a little inspiration and a little coffee, anything can be done. It’s this fervent optimism (and caffeine intake) that propels me to craft beautiful brands that connect with people. It’s second-nature for me to think broadly about the strategy behind the choices a brand makes. I believe a good designer will be able to empathize with a client and adopt the voice of their brand. This allows the designer to effectively codify and amplify the message of the brand through compelling design.

Innately curious, I’m one to take the road less traveled and enjoy the view. At work, this means I’m inclined to experiment, often taking a look at the bigger picture and questioning assumptions. Innovation begins when you clear away all the things you do simply because that’s how it’s always been done. I see my design work as an extension of my interest in the arts—whether it’s paint, pencils, or pixels, I love using creative skills to tell a story well.

Work History

TL;DR: See my resume.

I’ve spent the last 3.5 years working as a Senior Designer at Riverworks Marketing where I’ve had the opportunity to craft new brands from the ground up and reposition existing companies with as much as 50 or 100 years of storied history. The job has offered opportunities to work with local and regional companies like restaurants, lawyers, landscapers, medical groups, industrial manufacturers, and even a guy who invented an automated reptile feeding machine. (The variety truly runs the gamut.) I’ve also contributed to well-known national brands like Astroturf and Little Debbie.

Prior to this, I worked remotely for Finalsite, an award-winning company that creates custom world-class websites for schools. The 100+ websites I designed there represent schools spread across 5 continents, and one that received an Honorable Mention for design from the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education. I also gained management experience as the Senior Designer at The Rosen Group. There I lead the design department as the company published two quarterly arts magazines and produced 3 national trade shows annually.

About Me

As an extrovert, optimist, and a strategic thinker, I tend to be warm and excitable, quickly getting people on my side and exploring their perspectives and motivations. I thrive when I’m able to collaborate and ideate with people. Myers-Briggs says in their description of my personality type (Campaigner, ENFP), “Much of modern progress stems from incorporating other studies into typically disassociated fields, and no one is better equipped to merge broad interests than talented, energetic and future-minded Campaigners.”


I grew up outside of Baltimore and lived in the city for a time. My wife and I moved to Chattanooga in 2014 in search of new trails to hike—literally and metaphorically. As a transplant to the south, I mix my use of “you guys” versus “y’all,” and I still prefer the chill of winter over the summer heat. I’m the bright-eyed, bushy-bearded dad to two sweet kids. My wife is an integrative nutritionist and theologian-in-training. We enjoy exploring the outdoors, trying new restaurants, gamifying the mundane, and thinking deeply. When I’m not designing, I love to garden, write poems, draw houses, make paintings, and nerd-out about music.

Like Personality Tests? I Took ’em All.

Myers-Briggs: Campaigner (ENFP)
Enneagram: Individualist/Romantic (4w3)
DiSC: Influential (i)
Astrology: Sagittarius
Chinese Medicine: Fire
Ayurveda: Pitta