Brian Behm

Fusing a clean modern aesthetic, a clear bold voice, and a dash of rock-n-roll style, I’ve honed my creative process and poured myself relentlessly into my craft.

Living in Chattanooga Tennessee I’ve had the opportunity to shape regional and national brands through a variety of digital and print media at Riverworks Marketing. Prior to that, I worked remotely for Finalsite, designing custom world-class websites for schools around the globe. I also gained management experience as the Senior Designer at The Rosen Group, a national arts magazine publisher and wholesale-artist trade show producer.

I’m a big-picture person with a knack for seeing solutions from multiple angles. I’m enthusiastic, curious, and driven, and my natural inclination for idea generation and brainstorming has become the basis for my interest in the arts—whether it’s design, fine art, or music.

When I’m not at work, I can often be found painting, gardening, or sipping coffee chasing my children around the park. I love exploration and adventure, and I’m usually eager for the next camping trip, concert, road trip, or get together with friends and family.