Moore’s Seed and Grain Farms

Moore’s Seed & Grain Farms and its two plant-based product lines needed cohesive branding that would bring their businesses together and make them stand out in the agricultural seed and feed industry. Something simple and iconic was in order. Each of the farm’s 3 branches are symbolized by shapes that are indicative of the 3 phases of a plant’s growth: from planting (seed), to germination (leaf), to flowering (petal).

The product lines have their own meanings. The feed logo is indicative of a rising sun, or sunflower blossom, since a main ingredient in their feed is sunflower seeds. The products line is a collection of various types of oils, so the shape of the seed or flower petal is used on its own in a vertical orientation to become a droplet.

The brand family is cohesive because of the commonalities across each logo, while the main farm logo subtly differentiates itself with the use of more varied typefaces and the implementation of green as a tertiary color.