Public House

Public House Restaurant had a bright, light atmosphere and a diner-style logo served them well for 10 years, but with a recent remodel to distinguish themselves as a contemporary, high-quality establishment, it became apparent that the brand would need to grow in that direction as well. From airy roadside diner to a stylish, intimate, urban eatery.

Logo Evolution

Public House’s old logo (left) is reminiscent of a diner sign, while the new logo (right) retains the same type styles but presents a much more contemporary, urban feel.

Photography Direction

For food photography, gentle, moody lighting sets the atmosphere for intimate, romantic appeal. Dark, textured backgrounds lend warmth and comfort. While a human element is present, most of the shots are centered on food, utensils, drinks, and architecture in macro focus with soft side-lighting, giving the photos an element of cohesion when played beside each other.

Photos by Grant Dodson



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