Public House

From airy roadside diner to stylish, urban eatery. In light of a recent remodel, it became apparent that this restaurant’s brand would need to reflect their contemporary, urban space in downtown Chattanooga. Logo Evolution Moving away from the dated diner sign look, the new logo presents a more contemporary, urban feel while retaining the same […]


Flexabed opened for business in 1969 and has become a force in the flexible bedding industry. As they grew and their existing client base aged, they needed to reposition themselves to reach GenX-ers and Millennials who are increasingly making bedding decisions for themselves and their families. The new Flexabed is bright, clean, and friendly with […]

Dr. Norleena Gullett

Dr. Gullett takes a personal approach to oncology, treating the patient before the disease. Her new brand balances the look of a medical professional with something more personal and relatable. A variety of weights, sizes, and styles of type give character to her contemporary look and the use of large portraits humanize her brand. Anatomical […]