J. Gibson Clothiers

This custom monogram and logotype for a fine-quality custom men’s clothing boutique is contemporary enough to capture the attention of a younger, stylish man, while not alienating older and more traditional customers. Rich blue and gold, along with a thin, uncommon typeface gives the brand a touch of elegance.

Jones Wealth Management

Stressing their personalized approach, this main street start-up financial firm differentiates themselves from the financial giants to win the trust of prospective clients.

Little Debbie Vending

A new website design and various print ads for Little Debbie Vending. Because their brand is widely known, messaging was kept fairly straightforward with a sturdy, witty voice. Print Ads Vending Promotions Website

Nature’s Gold

For local cage-free egg farm owner, Andrew, Nature’s Gold was a brand with much potential, and he was dedicated to pushing the farm forward. But before approaching Whole Foods Market and other major grocers in the area, Nature’s Gold needed a professional look and a great leave-behind brochure. Their new brand has a sturdy, traditional, […]

Dos Bros

The new chain of fresh Mexican restaurants opened up amid stiff local competition. With their crisp, clean look and a bit of humor, Dos Bros’ distinctive voice helps make their presence unforgettable.

RH Smithson

This classic logo was developed for a high end upholsterer whose clientele appreciates tradition and timeless elegance. Soft, rich language and a pastel color palette speak to the qualities of fine fabric and set an artfully subdued tone for the brand. Logo Alternates


Flexabed opened for business in 1969 and has become a force in the flexible bedding industry. As they grew and their existing client base aged, they needed to reposition themselves to reach GenX-ers and Millennials who are increasingly making bedding decisions for themselves and their families. The new Flexabed is bright, clean, and friendly with […]

Dr. Norleena Gullett

Dr. Gullett takes a personal approach to oncology, treating the patient before the disease. Her new brand balances the look of a medical professional with something more personal and relatable. A variety of weights, sizes, and styles of type give character to her contemporary look and the use of large portraits humanize her brand. Anatomical […]


This innovative yoga startup brings technologically-advanced mats and accessories to a new generation of style-conscious athletes. The mark demonstrates flexibility and refinement with crisp, minimal lines and deliberate, calculated movement.